Paint Your Souvenir Artists

portrait Melanie Art Adventure


Founder of Art Adventure. A creative mind with endless drive and energy. Since the age of 14 she painted through different styles, likes bold colours, but no pastels. With Art Adventure and Paint Your Souvenir she turns her hobby into a profession. She also offers workshops in acrylic techniques and collages herself.

PaintYourSouvenir Diana


Marcela likes to find her motifs in nature. Whether flowers, landscape, still life – whether with pencil, pen, or brush, each picture is a new project, a new experience that brings a lot of joy. All of this also includes the cityscapes, with Pen&Wash as her favorite technique.



Judit is a young artist who will teach you to paint with watercolors and acrylics. From a young age, she can not let the brush out of her hand. She finds her inspiration in her immediate, beautiful Viennese surroundings. With her, you will bring the Vienna skyline and Austrian celebrities on canvas.


Hanija loves to bring colours into the world painting flower and portraits with a pencil brush, pastels, oil or acrylic colours. Her favourite technique is modern painting in mixed media with acrylic colours.


Diana loves observing, sketching and exploring proportions. Essential for her are expression through lines, shades and contrasts using colour accents. She has done artistic school and architecture degree in Portugal. With Diana you can explore Vienna, sketch & watercolour your favourite monuments.


Corinna is an art educator and paints almost all her pictures in magenta in magical photorealism. She wants to give a positive emotion to the people who look at her paintings. Challenges are part of it, as well as inspiration from everyday social life.

Adriana Adselini Paint Your Souvenir


Adriana is the funder of Atelier Adselini, a ceramic studio in Vienna, and a ceramicist with full passion. Born in Bulgaria, she has lived in Vienna for 25 years and has been a freelance visual and ceramic artist for almost as long. She thus complements the Paint Your Souvenir team wonderfully in more ways than one.

Art Adventure Anja Zorg


Anja gives workshops in painting in different techniques, pastels being a favourite. Professionally trained artist, she studied academic realism and now teaches its secrets. As an artist Anja admires the beauty of the world and is a passionate traveller herself. Hence she  is happy to share the joy of art adventure with you